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Some Tips for Your U-Pick Experience:

  • wear the appropriate footgear (sneakers, boots and closed toe shoes)

  • We will provide buckets for berry picking,
    but recommend that you bring something to put them in to take home 


  • A golf cart will take you to the field,
    however be prepared to walk during slow or peak picking times


  • We suggest you wear a hat and sunscreen

  • Many visitors bring bottled water. Water is available from a cooler on picnic tables in the shade or bottled water can be purchased in the farm stand.

  • Children are welcome in the field under supervision.

  • Sunglasses that are not polarized are not recommended as they make red berries appear blue.

  •  When picking, avoid berries that are hard or have red color.

  • To avoid damaging the canes, it is best to bend the berry at a 45 degree angle from the stem rather than pulling it.

  • The ripest berries are a dull black and are easily removed from the cane.

  • It is recommended that you do not fill your bucket to the rim or you risk mashing the berries on the bottom.

  • Blackberry pickers are encouraged to fill their buckets only half full.

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