Due to Covid-19, The Landing at Eagle's Nest Berry Farm is closed indefinitely

The Landing at Eagle’s Nest Berry Farm 
is an educational learning environment for children.

  • It offers a variety of activities including an obstacle course made of natural wood and recycled tires, an architectural center with wooden building blocks, scrap PVC, and an outdoor kitchen with pots, pans and a kid size table.

  • There is a sandbox with stumps for seating. 

  •  The Landing also has swings for adults and kids with a small slide.

  • Most important are the raised beds, blueberry bushes and soon-to-be blackberry canes. (Easy for small hands to pick their own fruits and vegetables to take home.) 

  • It is the farm's wish to teach children where their food comes from and to encourage them to have an active lifestyle, outside and away from electronics.